Poshmark Opportunities - From Insta Re-posts, Speaking At Events, To Media Features

You have probably seen accounts on Instagram getting re-posted by Poshmark’s gram, people you interact with speaking at Poshmark events, and maybe the coolest of all, being featured in an article or TV spot. But how? And why not you?

I have had the pleasure of having a few opportunities over the years from Poshmark, in the process I have learned a lot about what you can do (and what not to do) to snag those opportunities.

Ten things to do

The 10 takeaways from from my personal experience on being featured by Poshmark:

  1. Make sales - I know that might sound like common sense but they do look at this

  2. New is shiny - If you’re new to Poshmark use it to your advantage, they love new faces

  3. Be responsive - Check your email, comment on their posts, and watch their live FB videos

  4. Stay flexible - Be easy to work with and open to changes

  5. Be you! - They’re looking for people who stand out in their own unique ways

  6. Stand out & Intention - Do things no one else is doing yet OR be better at it and post with the intention of getting noticed and re-posted

  7. Relevance - stay ahead of the curve, and be in the know with Poshmark news

  8. Reach out & Take Action - Don’t leave it all up to them, whenever Poshmark makes a call to action, take action!

  9. Work for free - yup, sounds exactly as it is, don’t expect anything in return but the opportunity itself

  10. Be helpful & Posh Friendly - Poshmark is watching! On the app, on Insta, in Facebook groups you name it. Be the one who is helping others and staying out of controversy or drama. They love seeing people who interact positively in the community, this includes being happy for others and their opportunities.

Five Things you shouldn’t do

  1. Break the rules - Poshmark can see what you do on the app, everything…. So don’t take transactions off the app or spam closets etc.

  2. Copy - It’s boring, if they have seen it then it will not stand out.

  3. Start / participate in drama - Like I said, they’re watching and they shy away from it

  4. Being silent - never post? never chat with the community? How will they find you?!

  5. Forget to check your email - I know several people who have lost out on opportunities due to missing an email from Poshmark, including someone who was asked to be a Poshfest speaker!

This is a more detailed account of the opportunities I have had and what I feel are the factors that contributed to me being chosen.

The first opportunity was just 6 months into becoming a full time Poshmark seller. Back then the Poshmark community hadn’t really started on Instagram so I was meeting my fellow poshers the old way, through the Poshmark app and on Facebook lol. Poshmark’s PR department sent me an email (this was my email attached to my poshmark account so make sure you’re checking it for more than just labels) and it read something like ‘Hey want to have a chat about a media opportunity’. Ok it was much more professional but that’s the gist. I was like heck yes! The experience was really fun, I helped secure the location and met Manish for the first time because he was in the segment too.

Here is why I believe I was chosen for that opportunity:

  1. I was a new seller on the app that hadn’t been featured yet

  2. I was excelling on Poshmark, going from $400 in sales a week to over $7k a month in appx 6 months

  3. When they called me I was able to answer questions clearly and thoughtfully

  4. I made myself available AND I was very flexible, I said YES, I did the extra work on my end to secure the venue and charity where we could film and allowed them to film in my home

The second mention I got from Poshmark was in an ambassador newsletter (back then called a suggested user newsletter). They actually used a comment I had made on the call I had with the PR employee to do the CBS segment.

Here is why I believe I was chosen for that feature:

  1. It was an easy add on after my previous TV segment

  2. My comment stood out

  3. I was very responsive via Poshmark and Instagram to comments and questions after my TV spot aired and this would have given Poshmark insight into how I handled myself online

The third time I was featured was after I started posting more Poshmark related content on Instagram on my @OrnamentalStone account. At this point I had been quite involved with Poshmark and it had been about a year since I was last featured. I actually set out with the intention to be featured this time, so I planned a special Insta post that I felt was unique. This is when I did the Game of Thrones themed box throne pic.

Here is why I believe I was chosen for a re-post:

  1. I posted with the intention of being re-posted

  2. I created a post that was relevant to pop culture

  3. I created a post that was unique, sure package photos weren’t unheard of but I hadn’t seen any with the level of effort that I put into my post.

My fourth opportunity was a follow up to my GOT post. I worked with a poshmark employee to create a story takeover that followed my creation of a box dragon on my roof.

Here is why I believe I was given the opportunity:

  1. At this point I had proven I could deliver content

  2. I reached out to Poshmark with the idea - being proactive

  3. I was creating dedicated content for free for Poshmark’s social media

Next up, something I knew about before my Insta takeover, was my opportunity to be a Poshfest Speaker. Back then there was no application process (that I know of) so Poshmark just reached out directly and asked if I would like to be a speaker. I had never been to Poshfest before so it was a pretty big deal to me to be a speaker at my first Poshfest.

Here is why I believe I was chosen to be a speaker at Poshfest:

  1. I had continued to grow on Poshmark

  2. Again I made myself available and flexible - plus I had a ticket already

  3. I was helping other poshers online

  4. I have a background in marketing, I was chosen for the marketing panel so that may have played a roll


After that Poshfest I created my new Instagram account that I now mainly use @FashionWithoutTrashin, this was around the time that the Poshmark community started to boom on Insta. Since then I’ll be honest it hasn’t been as easy to get those opportunities with Poshmark. I believe there are a few reasons for this:

  1. I was no longer new and had been given several opportunities already

  2. My Insta account developed and I shared opinions and circumstances that didn’t always align with Poshmark

  3. More Instagram Posh accounts gave Poshmark a lot more content to pick from

Since then I was featured in a post from when I attended a Posh Party Live about a year ago and recently I was given the opportunity to film a Youtube video about style for Poshmark’s Youtube channel.

Ok so now here is the juicy speculation, after so long with a decline in opportunities how did I get the YT video spot?

Here is why I believe I was chosen for the video:

  1. I cleaned it up, aka made my insta more posh friendly (less drama lol)

  2. I have continually added more interactive and giving opportunities for the Posh community through social media

  3. That was likely my opportunity for the year

  4. I wasn’t chosen to be a Poshfest speaker two years in a row


In conclusion we may never know the exact process Poshmark uses to choose who gets an opportunity but you can certainly do a few things to tip the scales in your favor.

Happy Poshing Babes,




Jade Myers is a professional "thrifter," someone who hunts for buried treasures at second-hand clothing stores and turns discarded duds into profits through online shopping sites like Poshmark. Susan Spencer reports.

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