10 Guilt Free Outfits You Can Wear For 4th Of July 10 items perfect for the 4th of July that will make you stand out for all of the right reasons READ MORE

How much do you love new outfits? Personally I love the way my confidence goes up when I wear something “new”. But new to me doesn’t have to be unused, so in honor of the next big summer holiday these are my top 10 outfit picks from Poshmark for 4th of July. All are pre owned and fabulous, unique, and guilt free since they’re awesome deals and wont wreck havoc on the planet.


Tip: I found all of these items by searching “4th of July” under the shop tab - if you have items listed that would be perfect for 4th of July make sure to add it as a key word in your listing(s) so your items can be found!


1. Captain’s Circle Sailor Midi Dress by Betty Paige


All items available and priced as shown at time of publishing. Don’t forget, if you don’t like the price you can always send an offer!

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