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Womenswear 50 Item Bulk Bundle


50 Items

Current Shipping and Handling Time: 5-7 business days



Each Bundle is Unique

Conditions vary from OK in need of cleaning or repair to NWT with no flaws

Brands, styles, sizes, are mixed - Women’s items

Items may need cleaning, delinting, de-pilling, spot cleaning, sensor removal, and repairs.

It is possible for items to have larger issues, we do our best to quality check each item thoroughly however some items do slip past, including but not limited to unremovable stains and unrepairable damage(s).

We do not provide any authentication services, the authenticity of an item is the sole responsibility of the buyer to confirm before selling.

Any extra items over the 50 are to be considered replacements for any items that may not be satisfactory or just a happy bonus! Extra items are not guaranteed.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is an additional charge. Canada shipping is additional and does not include any duties or taxes you may incur with imports.


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