HERMÉS Violette Volynka Collection Hermessence Paris Perfume


Eau De Toilette

New with bag and box

100ml / 3.38oz

The Violette Volynka eau de toilette from the Hermessence collection is an elegant, unexpected combination: between masculine and feminine, and two unique materials. "I opted for Volynka leather top notes. Its scent is so strong that I wanted to pull it in the opposite direction by pairing it with a delicate flower: violets.” Christine Nagel, Hermès perfumer.

A blend of intensity and sweetness, the Violette Volynka eau de toilette is a perfect balance between the strength of Volynka leather and the subtle, powdery notes of violet.

The Violette Volynka eau de toilette bottle stands out with its radiant, powerful purple leather cap and bottle.

Boasting a striated grain, brown-red shade and burnt wood scent, Volynka leather tells the story of vegetable tanning. Incredibly durable, it perpetuates age-old techniques: the grinding of oak bark or soaking in birch bark solutions. The long-forgotten know-how was revived in 2017 by Hermès artisans and old hides found in the hold of a shipwreck.

Olfactory emotion: Warm Sensual
Main raw materials: Volynka Leather, Violet

Made in France
Volume: 3.38 fl.oz

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