Fashion Without Trashin

FBNxFWT Fall Bouquet Classic Crown

$38 $42

Fly By Night X Fashion Without Trashin

Fall Bouquet Classic Crown

Material: Contents unknown, repurposed material. Feels like cotton/linen blend. 

We save fabrics and clothing and Laura works here magic to turn them into her one of a kind crowns. 

Each crown is one of a kind, small differences and imperfections are part of the charm. Materials sourced and hand made in New York  

This fabric was donated to us, to donate textiles for reuse please visit out shopfront in Hastings on Hudson. You can drop donations off 7 days a week 11am-6Pm. We do our best to make sure everything gets reused or recycled into something new.  

Minimal Packaging & Recycled When Possible

Photos © Ornamental Stone LLC 2021

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