How does it work?

When you schedule an appointment you can bring in as many items as you like to be reviewed for purchase. Items will be either accepted for purchase or not (you can donate or take your non-purchase items ), a buyout offer for your items will be made based on all of the items we buy in. We do not do consignment only direct purchases. You may accept or reject the offer, if accepted you can choose to be paid via zelle, check, or choose store credit and get 20% more!

What we are looking to buy:
Items in excellent condition without stains or rips
Current seasonal items (Spring/Summer Fall/Winter)
Mid-range to high end brands, generally retailing over $100 originally
Vintage, contemporary, and designer

What we do not buy in:
Items with considerable wear, stains, piling, rips, pulls, or items with odors
Fast Fashion brands
Out of season items

We accept any clothing, shoes, or accessories, in any condition for donations. Scheduler loading…