Poshmark Launches In Canada! Ft. How you can sell from Canada to the US Poshmark Canada is on the Horizon but you can learn how to join and sell to the US from Canada NOW!


Have you heard the exciting news yet? Poshmark has finally taken the plunge and officially launched Beta in Canada, with the full launch coming VERY SOON.

I am breaking down the PROs and CONs of the launch as well as sharing some insight on how you can sell from Canada to the US. Also stay tuned for my next post on the 10 best brands to resell for Canada (Canadian designers etc) + How to sell to Canadian Poshers from the US.

Here we go!



The PROs:

  1. An expanded market, at least for those willing to learn how to circumvent the shipping system

  2. You will be able to switch between Canada and US modes on Poshmark so you can see what is being sold in CA or US

  3. Posh Party Live is now in Canada too! Which is awesome because these events are perfect for meeting new people and networking. Make sure if you go to chat with the employees, they’re very nice and will answer questions if you have them.

  4. Same Blog - check out this post for their official announcement + READ and learn about the Poshmark CA employees (I highly recommend following them on Instagram) - which makes it easy for US and CA to keep up with what is going on for each country on Poshmark.

  5. Immediately available to ios, Android, AND WEB! take advantage of listing and sharing online its much quicker than on your phone.

  6. Canadian flat rate pricing covers packages up to 2.5kg (5.51lbs) making it more than the US which caps out at 5lbs (2.26kg)



The CONs:

  1. No international selling, womp womp womp, that means a Canadian buyer can NOT sell to US buyers and vise versa. There is a little hope… They did say “At the time of Beta Launch” which leads me to believe that they are working on it.

  2. The Canadian Post flat rate shipping is much more expensive than in the US CA$12.99 = US$9.67 VS. US flat rate of $6.79 = CA$9.11

  3. Canadian Post is SLOWER, packages will take anywhere from 1-7 days to be delivered vs. US 1-3 day timeframe. Ultimately this just means its going to take longer to get paid depending on where your package is being shipped from/to.


And guess what? There are people who have been selling on Poshmark from Canada for a while! They were able to create accounts online and use third party shipping services to deliver to the US. One of those sellers is Jody Mitoma @PosherClub on Instagram, Youtube, and Poshmark. I have learned so much about his process and most importantly HOW he is able to sell to US buyers from Canada.

Here is what he shared:

  1. Get Transferwise, This is important because in the past Poshmark did not allow Canadian bank accounts to be used for transfers (this was a $100 mistake for Jody so don’t let it happen to you), though with their launch in CA this is likely to change. Create an account and double check that all of your info is correct. Transferwise is free to sign up for and they only take a small fee based on the transaction (calculated by: the amount being sent, how you pay, and exchange rate). NOW WHAT: you will use the transfer wise account number on your Poshmark transfer page, from then on your transfers will go into your Transferwise account which will convert the money when you send it to your desired bank account. *This will likely be the best way for US sellers who want to sell to CA as well.

  2. Shipping: Now that you can get paid you need to figure out how to ship to the US from CA. Since Canadian Post is notoriously expensive Canadians have founded businesses specifically for getting mail across the border for a fraction of the cost. In fact Jody only Pays CA$1 (US$.75) per package when shipping to the US. He uses DYK Post which is local to him (you will need to find one local to you) and they are partnered with Montana Mailbox which gives him a real US address to ship from and receive returns. It is VERY IMPORTANT to find a service that ships to the US EVERYDAY that way you can maintain good shipping times since it will technically take an extra day before your packages are scanned in with USPS.

And Voila! Really only a few extra steps to sell to the US from Canada on Poshmark.

Check out my next post for how to sell to Canadian Poshers from the US + what to source to sell to them.

Let me know your thoughts on the launch below as well as any questions you may have.

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Thank You!



HOW?! can I get Canada Poshmark, all the utibers just talk about themselves on an on an they Dont just give you the answer they say they are

Francesca July 06, 2023

Sad I have a watchlist of items I wanted to buy from Canada

charles February 18, 2023

Is there a way to sell to Canada from US? I can’t find any info on it. Thanks!

Kim February 18, 2023

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