We make clothing recycling as easy as 1 2 3!

1. Request your label 

2. Pack and send us a box of all of your unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, and textiles. View a full list here of what we can recycle.

3. Drop off your box at any FedEx and voila!


We handle the rest!

Our full circle recycling approach is changing the existing textile recycling standards by striving to keep as many pieces of clothing in circulation as possible. There are 8 main ways we recycle as shown below. 


For a full overview of our recycling process please see our Recycling FAQs page.

Why recycle with us?

Our mission to save as many re-useable items from waste as possible. We do everything we can to avoid textile waste including investing in deep cleaning, repairs and mending, and paying fair wages for our team and those we partner with. We also pledge to give back 5% of our profits to local charities, non-profits, and community programs that focus on sustainability, anti-racism, inclusivity, and the environment. Have more questions? Please feel free to email us at Info@FashionWithoutTrashin.com with any inquiries.